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As a long-time teacher, one of my hesitations for letting students “read” graphic novels in class has been the limited word counts. 

Heavy Sketches strikes the perfect balance between what students want with educational content that teachers will approve.

Take a look at some of the story pages…

Heavy Sketches: Pizza

Heavy Sketches: Minotaur

Heavy Sketches: Spanish Class

Heavy Sketches - Hard Work

As a middle school teacher for at-risk students, I recognize the importance of providing reading selections that will grab and hold students’ attention. Let’s face it, most kids have short attention spans – – I know I did.  Many are glued to their gadgets and the last thing they want to do is pick up a book.

Enter, Heavy Sketches.

This unique “graphic novel” breaks away from tradition. It has a blend of engaging sketches combined with stories tied to history, literature, science and relevant social issues.  The stories use a cross-curricular approach to bridge the gap between what kids want to read and what adults ultimately approve.

With themed pages covering topics like pirates, pizza, and Greek Mythology to Vikings, Grendel, and the mall; the teacher in me has found a way to use Heavy Sketches to get kids excited about reading again.

Teacher Resources

Check back soon for curriculum based activity sheets that feature a cross-curricular approach to literacy and learning.

In the meantime…

Go to RED’s STORE on Teachers Pay Teachers for some free and low-cost resources or get the complete set of Master the Skills at the Heavy Sketches shop.

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