Red Rohl is a 20-year teaching veteran of at-risk youth. He understands the struggle teachers face — kids are distracted. For many of them, the last place they want to be is in school.

Let a visit from Red help alleviate your frustrations and his workshops give you tools to inspire students to take initiative in their learning.

Red is an expert in sketchnote inspired art, an innovative way for students to learn visually that combines art with note taking. Red takes it one step further by taking a hands-on approach. Red takes the time to visit schools, collaborating with fellow educators.  He works directly with students, motivating them to create their own sketchnote inspired writings and art that is directly tied to the curriculum.

Red speaks at and provides workshops to schools,  bookstores, future educators at Colleges and Universities, literary festivals, and businesses to visually sketchnote meetings and give employees a crash course in visual learning.

 Speaking Testimonials:

“Red’s enthusiasm is palpable the first moment he begins introducing himself to students.  He respects kids, and it’s evident in how he speaks to them.  When he explains his process, he relates so well to the students, so it’s easy for them to see their own expressions or art forms as valuable and worthwhile.” – Amber Westall-Briggs, Director Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Library System

“Red spent half a day at our school, interacting, sharing, and talking with students. The students were impacted by Red’s transparent honesty, his relaxed manner, and ability to relate to them on their level. He was amazing sharing his life’s journey, answering questions, and reading selections from his books. All students from grades K-12 were glued to his every word and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that Red exudes. Rohl connects with students and offers insights and hope. He drives home the importance of staying in school and pursuing your dream in such an encouraging manner that students couldn’t get enough.” – Jennifer Radeback, MA, Ed. President/CEO New Path Academy, Inc.

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