Red’s Reading Revolution

An Art & Literacy Program


As a 20-year teaching veteran, Red knows how to engage distracted students. Using the sketchnote inspired style of Heavy Sketches, Red brings his unique, cross-curricular approach to learning directly to the classroom.  Red teams up with teachers and school media coordinators – collaborating with them to motivate their students using his program, Red’s Reading Revolution.

Red commits to working in-depth, 1:1 with 10 schools every year. His program ties in the student’s current curriculum-based assignments with art, comics, creative writing, informational text, research, and even their own school mascot. Students work on submissions for a book that will be printed at the end of the school year. The unique school “annual” will not only showcase work by the students, it will also feature original content by Red.

Here’s a video put together by Janet Getz, the Media Coordinator at Cedar Bluff Middle School in Knoxville, TN.

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