Art Class

Looking to boost your drawing skills?  You’ve come to the right place!

Let Master Fu give you tips and pointers on things like dragons, hands, and octopus arms to faces, skulls, and muscles.  In no time, his lessons will help you Master the Skills

Will all those new skills, you’ll be ready to submit your own creations for display at the Showcase.

You can also enter The Contest to win prizes and a chance for your work to be featured in HEAVY SKETCHES III.

Lesson One – Master the Skills of Muscles

Muscles were one of the first things I learned to draw. Adding them to basic stick figures and animals helps transform them into cool looking characters. Here’s tip page to help you become a master at drawing muscles.

Master the Skills of MusclesLesson Two – Master the Skills of “Stuff”

Get tips on drawing some of the basics. Learning how to draw everyday objects comes in handy when creating scenes for your characters and mini-comics.


Master the Skills of StuffLesson Three – Master the Skills of Faces

What doesn’t have a face? Check out the tips below to learn how to make the faces of your humans, animals and monsters more realistic.

Master the Skills of FacesLesson Four – Master the Skills of Borders

Whether it’s for a project, report, comic, or love note, borders really add dimension and depth to your work. Plus, they’re fun to make.


Master the Skills of Borders

Lesson Five – Master the Skills of Hands

Hands are tricky for a lot of artists. I struggled with them for years until I learned a few simple rules.

Master the Skill of Hands

 Lesson Six – Master the Skills of Animals

Here are a few animals for you to practice.  Having the skills to draw animals comes in handy for school assignments plus, drawing people all the time is boring.

Master the Skills of Animals

 Lesson Seven – Master the Skills of Eyes

You know what they say … the eyes are the window to the soul. Well, they can also make or break your characters. Even the slightest adjustment can change the whole look of  your characters.

Master the Skills of EyesLesson Eight – Master the Skills of Skulls

What is there to say … skulls are just plain cool.

Master the Skills of Skulls