Testimonials & Reviews

 “Wild, wacky & wonderful… original and consistently entertaining. This series will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to personal, school and community library graphic novel collections.” ~ Midwest Book Reviews, May 2017, Children’s Bookwatch

Here’s what teachers, parents, and kids are saying about author/speaker, Red Rohl and his creative sketchnote inspired art in the graphic novel series, HEAVY SKETCHES.

Named a 2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Finalist.


Great book for all types of readers and book lovers

This book is written with older children in mind, however, my boys, 5 and 8, are fascinated by Heavy Sketches. My 8 year loves the facts, stories, and drawings. My 5-year-old LOVES the illustrations and the enjoys the author’s use of an eyeball doodle for the word “I”. My children have been inspired to draw their own doodles and illustrations. What more could a mom ask for than inspiration from a book? Since the book arrived in the mail, my children have spent every free moment with their heads in this book. As a parent and educator, I find this book to be engaging enough for the most reluctant readers while sparking curiosity in the avid reader…  My teaching assistant also adores the book! “The Author is talented, brilliant and funny” – Stefanie Bartholomew, MA, Ed.

Amazing with your own children and in the classroom

I’m the CEO of a non-profit that has an alternative school for at and high-risk students. We start every English class off with a page from Heavy Sketches. The students love it, are engaged, can relate to how Red felt every day and most feel the same way. It springs us into English class and enhances the material we are covering. My own children love it and are in awe with it. They think it’s the greatest thing and most importantly, that what they are going through every day, they feel they’re not alone! – Jennifer Nedrow, CEO, New Pathways


All of the hallmarks of the books I loved to read when I was a kid

This book is nothing short of inspirational — for children and adults alike. It has all of the hallmarks of the books I loved to read when I was a kid — the original artwork is fantastic, every inch of the page is covered in something interesting, the narrative is funny, thought-provoking, and educational, and you can read it from front to back or open it to the middle and find something really cool that you missed the first time around. If you have elementary or middle school-aged kids in your life, this book should be on your holiday shopping list. – Julie K.

Soon to be BEST SELLER

This book is amazing. Great stories that keep your child desiring to read the next page. The author provides beautiful illustrations, each uniquely created. Certainly not the average type book. It’s exciting and attention seeking. Definitely above and beyond work. Hoping to see another book in the near future. – Jeanne H.


Mr. Rohl knows what kids like to read.  – Roberto L.

Mr. Rohl uses his book to trick us into reading. – Shaun B.

I liked having Mr. Rohl come talk to our class. He had a lot of funny stories and he made me think about what I might want to do in the future. – Alicia S.


Speaking Testimonials:

“Red’s enthusiasm is palpable the first moment he begins introducing himself to students.  He respects kids, and it’s evident in how he speaks to them.  When he explains his process, he relates so well to the students, so it’s easy for them to see their own expressions or art forms as valuable and worthwhile.” – Amber Westall-Briggs, Director Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Library System

“Red spent half a day at our school, interacting, sharing, and talking with students. The students were impacted by Red’s transparent honesty, his relaxed manner, and ability to relate to them on their level. He was amazing sharing his life’s journey, answering questions, and reading selections from his books. All students from grades K-12 were glued to his every word and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that Red exudes. Rohl connects with students and offers insights and hope. He drives home the importance of staying in school and pursuing your dream in such an encouraging manner that students couldn’t get enough.” – Jennifer Radeback, MA, Ed. President/CEO New Path Academy, Inc.