His mind, always in motion — Red channels his thoughts through his sketches. After 30+ years of collecting those drawings, he had an epiphany – compile them into a new type of graphic novel series that combines sketchnote inspired art with reading.   According to Red, 

Heavy Sketches is a book that is meant to inspire kids to pursue their dreams, never give up hope, and become what they have within them to be.”

Red uses his background in Education and Heavy Sketches as a platform to incorporate learning in a fun and captivating way for students. With a goal of promoting art & literacy using a cross-curricular approach, Red visits schools, collaborating with Media Coordinators and teachers. He spends time motivating their students and teaches them how to use sketchnoting to their advantage.  Red inspires them to create their own curriculum based, sketchnote inspired art and creative writings. Red commits to working in-depth, 1:1 with 10 schools per year. You can get more information about Red’s Reading Revolution HERE.

“My mission is to help teachers who are struggling with getting their distracted students engaged and motivated to learn and participate in class and ignite a love of reading in kids.

I can relate because I’ve been a school teacher for at-risk youth, in the trenches for 20 years. I have a clear understanding of what it’s like in the classroom setting. I’ve seen time and again that many students zone out with  chapter books. Kids tend to have short attention spans and are easily distracted.  Unless you have an avid reader on your hands, many kids instantly get that glazed look when faced with reading chapter books.

So, I invented a new approach that draws them into the magic of reading. Using Heavy Sketches as a platform and my visual literacy program,  Red’s Reading Revolution, I’ve discovered a way to combine sketchnote inspired art with literacy.

This unique format breaks the mold of traditional graphic novels by presenting educational material in a visual way that appeals to students. It’s already being used successfully from grades 3 through high school.  Students who were previously disinterested are becoming more engaged and motivated to learn.”

Red is also a motivational speaker. He speaks at conferences, festivals, Colleges & Universities, and businesses. When he is not speaking, motivating kids, or creating books, Red can be found taking care of the many rescue animals at the Blue Heart Sanctuary. 

Giving back to those in need is Red’s true passion – he donates a portion of all book proceeds to numerous causes and important issues.

Click HERE to learn more about HEAVY SKETCHES, the groundbreaking graphic novel series that is causing a reading revolution.  An Amazon #1 New Release and # 1 Best-selling Kindle and a Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Finalist.

Heavy Sketches