Black History Month, Sketchnote-Inspired Art

Did you know that February is Black History Month? (Not that we should only designate 1 month for remembrance but, schools tend to keep this observance.) So, I wanted to honor and celebrate the impact these amazing individuals had on our lives and feature them. People not only from years past – but, also today – making history now and a real difference in our world.

I’m beginning the month with Harriet Tubman. Talk about a woman who defied the odds. She was responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of slaves via the Underground Railroad. She was a true inspiration.

Opposite Day, Sketchnote-Inspired Art

When I taught Elementary school, Opposite Day was always one of the kids’ favorites. (No, really…)


The Playoffs, Sketchnote-Inspired Art

Sketchnoting playoff-style… who’s gonna take Superbowl L I ?

Hey, if anybody mass produces my idea for the foam talon shown above – just remember where it came from.

Trump, Sketchnote-Inspired Art

Martin Luther King, Jr., Sketchnote-Inspired Art

 Sketchnote-inspired art, in honor of Dr. King…

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