HEAVY SKETCHES: The Graphic Novel Series that’s Revolutionizing the Way Kids Read.

Looking to Engage Students and Ignite their Love of Reading?

Introducing HEAVY SKETCHES, a groundbreaking graphic novel series that strikes the perfect balance between the likes of kids and adults.

  • Are you a teacher looking for a new, creative way to get students excited about learning?

  • Perhaps a parent, tired of arguing with your kids to put down their devices and read?

  • How about a kid – bored with chapter books, looking for something different?

If you answered YES to any one of these, then you’re in the right place. Let HEAVY SKETCHES be the solution to all your problems.

Author and Education expert, Red Rohl is on a mission to help teachers who are struggling with bored, distracted students by bringing some fun back into learning.

As a teacher for at-risk youth, in the trenches for 20+ years, Red developed HEAVY SKETCHES as a creative means to connect visuals with the subjects he was teaching. This unique sketchnote-inspired art features a cross-curricular approach that makes learning fun, engaging, and memorable. Students become inspired to pay attention, take initiative, and become independent thinkers.

Parents will be in awe of how captivated their kids are with reading and kids will finally have a book they won’t want to put down.

Heavy Sketches is a 2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Finalist.

If this is your first time at HEAVY SKETCHES, be sure to sign up for the FREE special download that contains some of Red’s favorite pages from Volumes I and II, 5 of Red’s original sketchnote inspired art, and pages from the How-to-Draw book, Master the Skills. Also included, templates for your own creations.

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